about a dream: saturday's hike

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

saturday's hike

Remember how I won a Land Trust guide to all the preserves in the region? Well, I've decided our family goal is to hike every last one of them.

Fortunately to that end, we hiked Dodge Point on Saturday. Here are some pictures:

The girls did a great job. Nina emphatically did not want to go on a hike. She kept trying to talk us out of it, but she usually isn't too excited about this stuff. Then, always when we get there, she's all energy and excitement. Maggie was super excited when we got there. She yelled, "Let's celebrate the hike!" and ran ahead.

Today, Mom and I hiked Porter Preserve with Maggie. Nina and Maggie and I have hiked Porter Preserve together, but I think if we're going to tackle this challenge as a family, I'll have to make a rule that all four of us need to be present to cross the hike off our list. Unless it's something that just the kids and I do... I might have to be flexible on this one.

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