about a dream: I'm not taking them to church any more!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm not taking them to church any more!

Today I took the girls to church, as usual. Nick sometimes comes, but more often stays home and does his invoicing (or so he says... I wonder if I set up a nanny cam, would I catch him snoozing or watching sports center? We'll never know, because I'll never bother). Anyway, the girls and I are at church with Mom and Dad. Maggie is drawing ponies in her pony notebook, and Nina is helping her find blank pages. Neither child appears to be paying any attention to the priest's homily, which is fine, so long as they're being quiet, which they were. Then suddenly Maggie looks up at me and whispers, "He's telling you to be nice!"

What the heck! He was indeed, but she was listening? I told her "He's telling all of us to be nice. That means you too!"

I hope she wasn't implying that I'm not nice enough, but I do believe she was. Only my child would take what she learns at church and use it against me. This kind of behavior isn't addressed in any of the parenting books I've read. Maybe I should put the ten commandments up on the wall, with "honor thy mother and thy father" in bold.


Vanessa said...

Funny!! I thought from the title it was going to be about a church meltdown or some big scene...

Oma said...

So did I!