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Friday, April 20, 2012

More catch-up blogging...

But first, I just have to say AAGGGHH!!! Blogger has changed everything and I'm so confused. The blog will probably look exactly the same when you're looking at it, but the controls and where I write my posts are entirely different. Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually. But I really don't like change! Well, anyway. We were in New York last week for Grandma and Grandpa Scorcia's 65th wedding anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! The party was fantastic, but we'll get there. First, getting there:
We left for Boston on Friday. We were going to leave after school, but, well, Nina's teacher mentioned that half the class was going to be gone on Friday, so I figured that the kids would just goof off all day anyway. Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Henry, I can hear you laughing at me now. But yup, Nina played hookey and we took off at about 11:00. We pretty much drove directly to Stoughton, too. I think we stopped once or twice. A record for us! We got in to Erik and Isabelle's at 2 or 3 and played in his backyard and with the neighbor's kids for a while. We left bright and early for New York and got to the hotel at 11:30. After a quick hello to Vanessa, Ethan, and Wyatt, we all got dressed and left for the party.
We had so much fun! So, so much food. "Why do they keep bringing more food?" Nina asked at one point, astounded. (Also, "Am I really related to all these people?" Yes, poor sweet child, you really are.) Maggie loved the calamari! I loved everything, but especially the cappuccino in champagne a flute and the cake. Yeah, I'm a dessert kind of woman.
And the company was fantastic too! After the party, we all went to Uncle Thomas and Aunt April's house for more hanging out and fun. We got back to the hotel at about 10:00 and conked out. What a great day!

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