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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ok, one last post about vacation

We hit the West Hartford Children's Museum on the way home (you guessed it, reciprocal membership, thanks to our Boston Science membership!). What fun! We haven't been there in years (since we had our most recent NY Hall of Science membership. See the pattern here?). We had a scary experience on the way in:
The girls almost got eaten by a sperm whale! AAGGGH!!!!
Hee hee. Kidding! The real danger came inside, when we all almost got eaten by dinosaurs!!
Maggie saw them while we were looking at the animals (they have lots of rescued, abandoned exotic pets. Very fun!). She ran back into the room and said "You guys!! There are real dinosaurs in the other room!!"
It was confusing, because they were animotronic dinosaurs. Haha! And it only took us 10 hours to get back to Maine. Practically a new record!

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