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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I don't believe I ever put this on the blog

One of the many problems with Facebook is that sometimes I'll put a photo up there, and then neglect to put it on the blog. Oh, the woes of 21st century parenthood!

Well, here it is:

The girls each drew angry birds. They're so good! (Nina's are brown, Maggie's are blue. Obviously.) We got them some stuffed angry birds for Christmas (and they've gotten so much use! They're frequently brought out for another installment of the angry birds reverses ponies saga). Here, the girls posed them for a still life. Very good I think!

I realized I didn't update about Easter. It was lovely! The Easter Bunny came by while we all were sleeping and left the girls each a chocolate bunny. Also, that little rascal hid all of the eggs that we had dyed! Fortunately, the girls had a fantastic time hunting for them.

Then we went to church, and spent the day hanging out with all the family and eating, eating, eating.

And one unrelated funny: Maggie asked for some Lucky Charms, and I said, "Oh, we can use those to try to catch a leprechaun again! What would we do with it if we caught one?" Maggie responded, "We could make a leprechaun stew!"

Nina was horrified!

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