about a dream: Nick, you had best sleep with one eye open tonight...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nick, you had best sleep with one eye open tonight...

It's no secret that Maggie and Nick have a somewhat, shall we say, adversarial relationship.
Last night, she fell asleep plotting ways to get the computer away from him today (why? so she can go to "my little pony backslash online" on the good computer). I thought it was idle bedtime chatter, but when she woke up, she picked right back up where she left off. Over breakfast, she got this devious look on her beautiful little face and said "Oh no, Papa already ate breakfast! I was going to trip him!"

See, Plan A was to leave her half-eaten bowl of cereal at the breakfast table and wait for Nick to come and finish it. But unbeknownst to him, Maggie (and I, her faithful minion) would each be holding one end of a rope lying innocently in his path. And then, when he walked by, we'd pull it tight, tripping him). Devious. I told you.

But that's alright, Maggie is a quick thinker, and she whipped up a Plan B. Actually, I think she'd probably cooked it up before bed last night. I think watching Infested! with me at night probably put her in a slightly twisted state of mind. Regardless, Plan B was to put her thinking stool in the path from Nick's work chair to the coffee machine. Then, when he went to get some coffee, he'd--wait for it!--trip over it!! The funniest thing of all is that she does her planning in this adorable stage whisper, and Nick can obviously hear her. But he's such a good sport, and he obliged her, went to get some coffee, and fell over her thinking stool. Maggie yelled "woo hoo!" and ran for the computer.

Unfortunately, Nick had only been playing along and wasn't truly injured. And he wanted his computer back. So Maggie was forced to fall back on Plan C, which was my favorite: hitting Nick with a baseball bat. For real!

It's ok, she carried out the assault with a little toy princess baseball bat, and he wasn't injured. But watching her hit him on the butt with it was priceless.

Still, in the end, Maggie didn't get her way. So Nick, maybe consider locking that door tonight!

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