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Monday, March 12, 2012

so warm today!!!!!!!!!!

wow, it was either 70 degrees or very nearly that. beautiful. nina played hooky because it was papa's birthday, and how could she just go off to school all day on papa's birthday?! insanity. it was too nice out for me to make her go (and turning off the alarm clock and going back to sleep at 6:30 is just way too easy for me), so home it was!

we had a great day. nina watched the phantom of the opera (again, it's her new favorite movie), we played outside for hours, rode the ATV, went into town, walked on the footbridge (whereupon we met a nice couple out walking their 2 dogs. "let's have a meeting!" maggie suggested to them, and we walked along the footbridge together. when i told maggie we had to head our separate ways to go to the store, she turned to them and asked if they wanted to come with us). too cute. and of course, we cooked, cooked, cooked. devils chocolate cupcakes for nick, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and cream of asparagus soup. boy is he spoiled!

the whole week is supposed to be just lovely. 50s mostly, with perhaps one or two days dipping down to the 40s. and people say there's no global warming. balderdash!! (haha, i had to work that in there. i said something to maggie a few days ago, i don't remember what, and she responded "balderdash!" she's like a 3-year-old little girl version of mr. burns sometimes).

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