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Monday, March 26, 2012

it's cold again!

waahh! i hope my tulips will be ok! it was 80 last week, and now we're supposed to go down to something like 20 tonight. fricassee!! (it's a curse word around here now). i spent all last week transplanting those purple flowers we have on the patio (for some reason i think they're hostas) and the orange day lilies along the patio's wall, and i'd hate to lose them.

yes, they are hostas. here's a pic:

and here's a photo of the day lilies:

well, hopefully they survive the transplant. they'll look really neat in their new homes.

anyway, it was so cold that maggie and i decided to bake some banana bread with her friend hattie. unfortunately, something was wrong with my baking powder (too old i think), and it didn't rise at all. i knew it was a bit old, so i added an extra half-teaspoon, which didn't help it rise and just added to that baking powder flavor. maggie was not a fan.

"do you like our banana bread?:" i asked.
"no!" she responded. "it tastes like dirt!"

thanks kiddo, but you could have just stopped at no. she was adorable yesterday though, when she was looking at some of the books that nina made way back at preschool and repeatedly exclaimed, "nina, these are so good! i'm so proud at you!"

awww! they love each other so much.

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