about a dream: the fort

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the fort

here's nina's snow fort, as promised! turns out the camera cable was right next to me last night, not upstairs like i thought, but the camera was still in my coat pocket in the closet (you know, right next to the spoon and the candy), so it was just too much to organize last night. not that i have much more energy tonight, but i did drink some tea after dinner. crazy tuesday night!!

anyway, here it is:

she threw 6 snowballs at me, i threw some at her, and then she was done and it was destruction time.

there's one happy kid!

(unlike her sister, who has taken to calling me her enemy. i mean, emeny. and tonight, she put her hands on her hips, pouted, and told me "i'm so mad at you!" when i told her she couldn't go downstairs to get her book because i'd latched the gate).

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