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Thursday, March 22, 2012

82 today!

oh me oh my. i was trying to transplant some of our flowers today, in advance of our new patio going in (yay!), AND IT WAS JUST TOO HOT! oops, i didn't mean to turn caps lock on, but i think it was quite the apt accident. i moved a few clumps of dirt, and i was just boiling. you don't realize just how strong the maine sun is in march until it's bearing down on you through a cloudless 80 degree sky. hopefully tomorrow i can do some more, it should only be in the 60s tomorrow (only!).

you can tell that my weight lifting is beginning to pay off, by the way. i have only mild blistering on my hands after nearly a week of transplanting. you might not recognize me the next time you see me!

today was a pretty typical thursday. maggie and i hung out around the house, playing ponies and other such fun, then dance dance dance after school and a mad rush home and quick dinner. today was quesadillas with leftover chicken and tomatoes. the girls loved them. i have to remember to make them again!

don't expect a post tomorrow night--we'll be at the high school, cheering on mom, nick, and the third teemmate (i gess dad and i just arnt good enuf spelers!). kros yur fingres for temh!

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