about a dream: back to school!

Monday, February 27, 2012

back to school!

well, i guess all good things must end. nina's back as school, and maggie and i had to deal with missing her all day. :-( worse, we had to deal with getting up at 6:30 in the morning again! i think all 3 of us were sleepy today. well, maggie fell asleep nice and early tonight, but nina had a headache and was still coughing, so it took her longer (about 8:00). hopefully that'll be enough for her to wake up refreshed tomorrow.

maggie and i had a mellow day. we made some yellow playdough, played with that, visited with her friend Hattie for a bit, picked up nina and the girl i tutor at school, came home, and i tutored while the girls played with the playdough. maggie was pretty calm and even-tempered, and nina was really quiet because she was so tired. oh, and maggie doesn't drop the f-bomb on us anymore. she says "fudge" and "fudging" instead. she came up with this substitution on her own. i'm so proud of her?


Vanessa said...

Wait, Nina has been using the f word?

des said...

Oops, no, that was Maggie, not our dear Nina.