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Sunday, February 12, 2012

disney on ice!!!!!!!!

what a hit! the girls LOVED it. almost as much as i did! ha! fantastic skating, costumes, and of course music. maggie liked rapunzel the best, they sang the lanterns song (click here to see it on you tube! if you haven't seen the movie, you totally should!). nina says the whole thing was her favorite part, but if she has to pick one, it's tangled too.

after the show, we went to dinner at richard's in brunswick. it's a german restaurant, and it was very, very good. nina loved her soup and schnitzel, and when we told her she was going to eat like that all year in austria, she was so excited. maggie too. it helped that we topped our lovely meal off with a piece of sacher torte. mmmm!

maggie had fallen asleep on the way to portland and didn't wake up until we parked the car. she was still kind of groggy when we got to our seats, and was shaking a bit when she took her coat off. i said, "oh, you're shaking, are you cold?" and she said, "no, i'm shaking with excitement!" too cute! thank you erik and isabelle!!

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