about a dream: i got sick.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

i got sick.


poor me! it was the throwing up bug. i seem to be over it now though, so it's all good. nina and maggie took great care of me. nina stayed home from school on thursday to play with maggie and help me out. well, that and i was way too sick to get her off to school. i'd woken nick up a few times overnight too, so he wasn't too eager to get her up and off either. well, it worked out for the best! the girls had a great day together, i got a long nap in, and i got a lot better. i'm still tired and getting my appetite back, but definitely on the mend.

quick funny: the girls were discussing the fact that the trash man (our illustrious neighbor larry) used to live in our home. nina said, "but the trash man didn't mess up our house," and maggie responded, "no, we did!"

haha! true, true. our home is a jumble of toys. toys with strings tied to them.

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