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Monday, February 20, 2012

vacation week!!

it's so nice to have nina home this week! i miss her when she's gone at school all day. :-( so does maggie, and she's as thrilled as i am to have nina home this week.

unfortunately, we woke up this morning to no electricity! there was a car accident on route 27 that took out a telephone pole at about 7:15. it was chilly in the morning too, and the house was getting cold, so we took the girls for some hot cocoa and belgian waffles at mama d's in town. nick could work there because they have wifi, and we had a fun time! one of nina's classmates was there too, and the girls got to play so nick could get even more work done. the power came back on at about 10:00, but we stayed a bit longer so it would have time to heat up.

after that, we stayed in. the girls are still getting over the last of the sniffles (and so am i), so we just wanted to rest.

i'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of the week!

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