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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ah, be still my heart!

i've written about princess celestia, yes? the pony that maggie and nina wanted for months and months and finally got for christmas? when you push a button on her, her wings light up and she say one of maybe a dozen phrases. well, today nina wrote down everything she said, in order, so that she would be able to know what princess celestia was going to say next. my little scientist! i was so proud of her!
unfortunately, when we played through the phrases again, they were in a different order. nina was so disappointed! she really wanted to put a barrette in princess lestia's hair (as she is also known), and have her say "my barrettes are so pretty!" fortunately, it turns out that celestia just repeats two versions of the list, so nina only had to record the other version to figure out exactly what she will say. it was just too cute. when she was done, i saw nina sitting on the couch with princess celestia, brushing her hair, and then pushing the button so she would say "i love it when you comb my hair!" what a sweet, wonderful, fun child!

then, there was maggie, who told me at dinner that i'm "from the planet dumb." thanks girl, i'm going to remember that one when you're a teenager. well, i in fact am not going to remember it, but that's what i have this blog for. so sometime, maybe a dozen years from now, i will re-read this, remember that night at dinner, when you started off by being a cute robot from the planet snurf, and it devolved into me being from the planet dumb. good thing you're so darn cute!

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