about a dream: still loving school vacation week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

still loving school vacation week!

it's so fun having nina home all day. look at the smiles on her and maggie's faces! i wish i could just keep her home all the time, but she doesn't want me to homeschool her. :-( she says she likes school too much! not fair!! nina is my sweet little girl, and i don't want to share her with her teacher! well, i'm glad she likes it there so much, and very glad she has such a wonderful teacher. maybe maggie will want to stay home with me... she hasn't made too much progress on separation (well, there's dance class, playing over at her friend hattie's house, the occasional activity with nick and nina, like swimming at the Y, and going to grandmas). actually, she has made a lot of progress, hasn't she?! i offered to leave her and nina home today while i went to the grocery store, but maggie was having none of that. nina jumped at the chance though, she hates the grocery store. well, anyway, we'll see what the future brings. sometimes it's easy to forget that maggie is only three and a half.

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