about a dream: it's nice to know i'm appreciated

Friday, February 17, 2012

it's nice to know i'm appreciated

today, after a rather melt-down prone afternoon, maggie looked at me and said, "there is a mom that is the greatest in the world; grandma."

my heart was still for a moment, anticipating that she was going to say me, obviously. but no, she built me up just to shoot me down. oh well, i forgive her. mom is pretty great, and last night maggie just wanted to snuggle with me all night long. so i know she loves me.

in exciting news, nina shot her first basket today! nick is brimming with pride. she said she just threw it up, and swoosh, it went it.

as for me, i'm finally over the stomach bug. unfortunately, i caught a slight head cold on wednesday, and i've been sneezing like mad. nina and maggie had it too, but they got over it easily. i seem to be getting over the worst of it too, so hopefully i'll be back up to 100% soon.

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