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Sunday, October 2, 2011

rain, rain, rain

what a weekend. total washout! but, we've been having fun just kicking around the house. we only went out for church and sunday school today, and then just stayed in and relaxed. mom and the girls and i watched the wasp woman on netflix, nina loved it. and mom had actually not seen it before, what are the odds? seriously though, it is so great that she and nina have another thing in common. whenever nina wants to watch some B-horror, she has a friend to watch it with. i love it!
(by the way, if you click on that wasp woman link, you should know that the cover is entirely misleading--the wasp woman had the face of a wasp and the body of a human. kind of like a female the fly.)

yesterday was a busier day though. nina had a birthday party, we had our road association meeting, i had to do sexual abuse awareness training for the church in order to be a sunday school teacher (moral: the perverts are everywhere, and they don't always seem like they're going to be perverts. trust no one!) AND i tutored jessie in the morning. busy busy busy. but it rained most of the day, so it was good to have stuff to do.

nina had a field trip on friday, so that was fun. her class went to see a dolphin tale at the harbor theater. she really liked it. she said it was happy, sad, and funny. she gave us a good run down of the plot but said we have to see it for ourselves. maybe when it comes out on netflix.
also, she had a good week at school, but she's still not excited to go tomorrow. i mean, who's excited about another week of school on a sunday night? i know it's totally normal. but she was saying she didn't want to go tomorrow, and i asked her why, and she said, "i'm busy tomorrow..." and i had to chuckle. busy! hehehe.

ok nick wants the computer back. oh but one last thing: a few weeks ago, maggie wanted to add a new rule to our list of family rules (there were 6 but she insisted that this be rule number 8, so it just skips). rule number 8: no shooting anyone. but even though maggie is the one who proposed this rule, she still talks about shooting people when she's angry (especially when she's angry with nick. there's just something about him that really gets to her sometimes). so now when she says she is going to shoot him, i say "rule number 8, no shooting anyone." and so she has taken to saying "i'm going to gun you" instead!
that girl, she obeys the letter of the law, but not the spirit. now if you hear her threaten to "gun" you, you'll know what it's about. you're welcome.


Vanessa said...

How does she know about shooting and guns??! TV I guess?

des said...

actually, we hear guns going off a lot from the house, so i think it's just a part of life. i'm not sure she's ever seen it on tv... mulan shot off rockets and arrows, but no guns. PBS never does guns, and that's pretty much all she watches.