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Saturday, October 15, 2011

oma is here!

the girls were so excited all day. and so far, maggie has been in a great mood! it was a close call this morning, the girls woke up for the day around 5:30 am so she was kind of tired and grumpy by 8. but she had a long nap and has been a total peach. whew! so oma can enjoy her wonderfulness before (maybe) meeting the other side.

nina is having a great time showing Oma her latest things and reading to her (she had to read her favorite funny part from deep trouble, one of the 3 goosebumps books she's reading right now, and the viper story from scary stories to tell in the dark). also, nina went to the pumpkin patch with her friends charlie and hattie duing maggie's long nap and picked up 3 really big pumpkins. so we'll carve them up soon and put pictures up. i know it's been a while since i've done pictures, it always feels like so much work in the evenings to download them from the camera, or phone, or ipod. and i'm so tired in the evenings!

anything else? i don't think so... yesterday maggie and i went with mom to brunswick to visit great grandma, it was a good trip. rainy, but we went to the mcdonalds with the indoor playplace. won another free medium fries too, i love when they're doing monopoly! then home for a half out, back out to pick up nina and jessie for a marathon tutoring session, dinner and bed! kind of a typical friday.

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