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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a harmonious household!

that's sarcasm, because right now the girls are fighting over a glow-in-the-dark rat (a rat whose tail is about to fall off, this is not going to go over well), and maggie just called nina STUPID!! however, that's pretty tame for maggie. my favorite is when she gets really mad at nina (or anyone) and says "nina you're dammit!" i know, it's poor language, but she thinks dammit is an adjective, and that is kind of funny.

so, not so much going on today. my dryer burnt a load of clothes, so that sucks. dad says he'll take it apart this weekend and see what happened. i'm afraid there's a mouse nest in there or something, and they/it will just move to the washer and mess that up. we'll see. in related news, i know what i'm getting for my birthday. haha. the good news is that i smelled the smoke when i was getting maggie into the car to go pick up nina, so we turned off the dryer before it burnt the house down. yay for not burning the house down!

yesterday was school picture day, that was exciting. stay tuned, i'm sure it's going to be the most beautiful school picture lifetouch has ever taken!

oh, and i had dance class today. i mean, maggie had dance class today. but since i have to dance with her (because maggie does not tolerate me being more than an arm's length away), i kind of consider it my dance class. i haven't taken ballet since i was three, but you know, it's coming back to me. hee hee. that's a joke. but really, i actually enjoy it. i like the stretching, i'm so not flexible that it's really good for me. i'm trying to stretch every evening now, we'll see if i can touch my toes by the end of the class. probably not. i'm flexible like a lead pipe is flexible. which is to say not at all flexible.

and, what else... monday was a good day i guess, i tutored a new girl, so that was fun. i think it'll work out, mom is home on mondays so the girls can go there if they're not leaving me alone, or just play here while i work with her if they (maggie) are feeling cooperative. it's advanced math/pre-calculus, so something a little different from what i've been doing with jessie, which is fun.

no school tomorrow or friday, it's teacher inservice days! then of course no school on monday (colombus day for my out of country readers), so she has a 5 day weekend. woo hoo!

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