about a dream: and one for papa

Monday, October 24, 2011

and one for papa

scroll down to the post below for the story with these 2 posts.

1. What is something papa always says to you?
nina: nina honey, just stay away from my work area
maggie: no no no go to grandma's

2. What makes papa happy?
nina: me and maggie
maggie: ming-ming

3. What makes papa angry?
nina: when we climb on his chair when he has his new computer
maggie: playing sad

4. How does papa make you laugh?
nina: when he does the clown and falls down!! (laughter)
maggie: riding the rockey horsey!!

5. What does papa do when you're not around?
nina: work
maggie: checking his email

6. If your papa becomes famous, what will it be for?
nina: being daisy butt the flower butt clown
maggie: being a clown

7. What is your papa really good at?
nina: being daisy butt the flower butt clown
maggie: caillou

8. What is your papa not very good at?
nina: chutes and ladders
maggie: clifford!

9. What does your papa do for his job?
nina: make money so we can buy stuff
maggie: working

10. What is your papa's favorite food?
nina: tacos
maggie: soup

11. What is your papa's favorite drink?
nina: beer
maggie: water

12. If your papa were a cartoon character, who would he be?
nina: he would be nick (from the cat in the hat) because his name's nick
maggie: martha (editor's note: martha is a talking dog)

13. What do you and your papa do together?
nina: we play kids on stage
maggie: play poisson rouge

14. How are you and your papa the same?
nina: 'cause our voices sound the same
maggie: i'm a boy!

15. How are you and your papa different?
nina: he's a boy and i'm a girl
maggie: because i'm a girl

16. Where is your papa's favorite place to go?
nina: hanging out with uncle erik and aunt isabelle
maggie: grandma's

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