about a dream: this is really some october we're having!

Monday, October 10, 2011

this is really some october we're having!

it was in the low 80s yesterday and must have been in the high 70s today, if not 80 again. i could get used to this!

well, we got back from boston late saturday night. we stopped at one of those all you can eat chinese food buffets for dinner and the girls loved it. maggie has been asking multiple times per day to go to "the place where you get your own dessert and crawfish." yup, they had crawfish there, and maggie loved them. i guess we'll have to go new orleans with her eventually!

yesterday we did the fall foliage festival and then a cookout at nina's friend emery's house. it was fun and we stayed out way too late, so we slept in a tiny bit this morning and then bummed around the house, enjoying the warm sun.

not so much is planned for this week, just getting back into the routine.

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