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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wednesday already?

nina stayed home from school today because it's oma's last day. we haven't talked about that too much, so i'm not sure maggie realizes that at all. hm, i'd better tell her first thing in the morning so she has a little time to adjust.

maggie had dance again today, and because nina was home, she got to dance with her again. and i got to watch again, hooray! maybe next week maggie will dance all by herself. hey, you never know.

not too much to report really. maggie's new thing is that when nina's bothering her she yells, "mommy, nina is antagonizing me!" and it sounds really cute coming from a 3 year old.

oh, tuesday we went to the fish playground after school, that was fun. nina was a monkey on the monkey bars, but i made her stop before she got another blister like in boston. i've instituted blister checks every 10 minutes now when she's non-stop monkey-barring. good parenting call i think.

maggie has been really, really good to oma. whew! she didn't swear in front of her, didn't call her stupid or horrible (i got "horrible mom" a bunch of times though, so maybe anne wouldn't have been fazed by it). yup, she was a real sweetie! the only real down side of her visit is that we can't find snot rat for our little gag, and the girls wouldn't let me cut up squiggy-diggy to improvise. some day i'll explain what this means. after we find snot rat....

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