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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

no school tomorrow!

apparently a water main broke over at the elementary school and it'll be closed tomorrow. the girls will be so excited! and hopefully will both sleep in.

they actually slept wonderfully last night. i think maggie is finally coming through the other side with regards to dropping that last nap. for the longest time she was grumpy in the evenings if she didn't nap (understatement!) and then slept badly at night. but if she did nap, she'd be up til 10, so it really felt like a lose-lose situation (though i preferred a nap and bed by 10, because she'd sleep so much better at night. nick preferred that she nap, but since he wasn't the one being woken up 10 times per night, he didn't get a say there). ANYWAY, now, she's not napping AND sleeping well at night. fingers crossed that i'm not jinxing this and we have another good night tonight.

ironically, there's a little critter in our attic that had me awake from about 3:30 to 5:00 last night, so i didn't sleep very well. the trap is going in the attic tonight with some crackers, so hopefully it'll be quiet tonight. i'll be sure to update in the morning. there's nothing like a battle with a chipmunk or squirrel in the attic to spice up a blog!

maggie was also totally adorable today. she's such a happy child when she's well rested. i think she only talked about shooting nick once today, and that was after 6:30 when she was exhausted.

she was asking me today why some things stick to the walls, and you know that's a really hard question to answer. glue i had a pretty easy time explaining (well, i think it was easy, i'll have to google it and see if i'm right), but tape, not so easy. i was speculating that the molecules that coat a strip of tape might covalently bond with the molecules in the wall when maggie interrupted to suggest that "tape probably just has a lot of stick-ish-ness."

yup, that sums it up much better. :-)

anyway, it turns out i was wrong! check this out:

remind me to explain it to her tomorrow.

if you don't want to click on the link, i'll give you the quick answer: tape works by suction!

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