about a dream: we carved our pumpkins today

Sunday, October 16, 2011

we carved our pumpkins today

maggie's is a princess, and nina's a scary face. boo!

we had a great time carving these today! first the girls drew the pictures they wanted carved into the pumpkins, then we scooped out the seeds and pulp (we know it's called pulp because nina brought home a book about pumpkins a few weeks ago. very educational). i did the carving, you can tell because it's so amazing. :-)

THEN, we toasted the seeds AND steamed and pureed the pumpkin we took out of the jack'o'lanterns and made 2 pumpkin pies! on top of those, we have enough pumpkin puree left over for at least 3 more pies. i'll save some for thanksgiving so we can have another fantastic pie.

overall it was a beautiful fall day. maggie did get mad at me for a minute during pumpkin carving (i took away her marker for coloring on nina's pumpkin). she stormed off into the house where mom informed me she called me a "horrible" mother and said she didn't "love me any more." fortunately, she forgave me not too long after, and she told me she loves me again. whew! i'm sure she called me stupid too, that's her number one insult. that and dammit, when she's really really angry.

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