about a dream: halloween weekend begins!

Friday, October 28, 2011

halloween weekend begins!

maggie loves her rainbow dash pinkie pie costume! she wore it to story hour today and kept it on the whole time!

i'm not sure everyone realizes what a milestone that is. maybe you all do. but i'll expound on it for a moment, because this is a big deal. maggie has worn pajamas about 80% of the time for the last year. she loves her pajamas. she's particularily fond of her strawberry shorts and t-shirt pajamas set. it initially came with 2 shirts and 2 shorts, but one of the shorts now has a hole in it (she's been asking me to patch it), so we're down to one of those. i made a second pair of shorts by cutting down an set of "longs" (as they're called around here), and she was ok with that.

ANYWAY! i digress again. she usually screams, wails, cries, and gets thoroughly bent out of shape at the mere suggestion that she put anything but her shorts and t-shirt pj set. but she loves her pinkie pie costume so much that she was willing to wear it, even though it's got long sleeves and long pants, the whole time we were at the library AND at hannaford! i am so, so excited.

she wore it again this evening when we went to the coast guard for their bounce house and haunted house. the bounce house was a hit, but the haunted house was too scary, so the girls didn't do it (i previewed it just in case it was ok for them, but it was definitely too scary. people jumping out and yelling boo, dark hallways, scary faces). but, it was worth it for the bounce house. they were thoroughly exhausted by the time we got home!

oh, also at the story hour halloween party, miss mary handed out some napkins that said "boo" on them, and maggie looked at it and said, "it says boo. b-o-o, boo." go maggie!


Vanessa said...

Funny you called it a rainbow dash costume at the beginning of the post.

des said...

haha! i totally did. oops. rainbow dash was her first pony, i guess that's still stuck in my head. i'll change it!