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Saturday, October 8, 2011


it's so hard to keep track of the days over these long weekends. ahh, yes, it's saturday!

we had a very fun day yesterday. in the morning i took the girls to the playground next to erik's house. they had a great time, nina is a champ on the monkey bars. she was going forward, backward, alternating hands, and spent so much time on the bars that she developed a blister and ripped it open. :-( poor girl! she didn't notice the blister until it opened, and by then it really hurt. right in the middle of palm of her hand too. it hurt a lot, so we went home to put some ice on it. thankfully i had the boat bag in the car, with the new boat first aid kit that erik and isabelle had gotten for us, so i was able to antibiotic ointment and bandaid it right there at the playground.

but, before long nina was feeling better, so it was off to boarderland with erik and chester for a nice long hike. chester even rolled in poop! what fun! but then he went for a swim and it all came off, so it was all good.

after that the girls were kind of tired (at least, they weren't hopping around the house for a few minutes), but nick and i wanted to squeeze out the last bit of energy, so we took them to the playground in sharon (in the morning i'd taken them to the one closest to erik's house). after that we got some ice cream. what a day!

needless to say, the girls were out cold by 9. they probably would have gone to bed earlier, but they were so excited to hang out with erik and isabelle a little longer, so we let them.

another big day today, i'll update again in the evening if we're home early enough!

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