about a dream: dance class went well!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dance class went well!

my plies and re terres are really coming along. oh yeah and maggie did well too.

heh heh. maggie was reluctant to dance at class today (she was reluctant to go, and then reluctant to participate. then she was suddenly excited to put on her new dance outfit, and i have no idea what made her suddenly excited). still, she didn't want to be more than an arm's length from me, so i danced too. it was quite fun actually! maybe ballet will teach me some grace. you never know!

she was adorable in her little pink dance outfit, and she did a great job. then, she got home and fell asleep for nearly two hours. i really appreciated that, because dance class had worn me out too and i really needed the rest. i'm still mostly better, coughing a lot but i don't think it's bronchitis. i did have a lot of pain in my upper chest (probably bronchial tubes) on monday and tuesday, but it was better today. so, i'm ever so slowly on the mend, and i need all the rest i can get.

an unrelated cutie:
maggie and nina were both cuddled up on my lap last night. maggie was nursing and nina was doting on her. she was saying how adorable maggie is, and how much she loves her. then she said, "and i can tell by looking at your eyes that you love me too!"

the sweetness! it's out of control!!

oh, but i can balance it out. i asked maggie to get me, her poor, sick mother, a tissue yesterday. "i'm not your mom," she responded. "get it yourself."


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