about a dream: maggie slept in her bed all night!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

maggie slept in her bed all night!

i don't think this is the very first time that has happened, but it's certainly one of 3 or less. and it could be the very first time. either way, what a milestone! i feel so rested!

not too much else going on. one cute: we were watching the beginning of wheel of fortune (the girls like to catch vanna's dress), and it was being filmed from new orleans, so they were showing a bunch of clips from there. nina was watching with rapt attention and then asked, "where is that? it's magnificent!"

haha! i think it was the brief clip of beignets from cafe du mond that really inspired the comment. i can't wait to take her there one day!

school is still going well. nina was less than enthusiastic about going this morning, but by the time she was heading out the door she was smiling, so hopefully that was just the morning sleepies talking. hopefully i will get a chance to talk with her teacher soon and work out a plan for her to get some work on her level so she isn't bored.

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Vanessa said...

Yay Maggie! I am very happy for you Des, and hope it continues!

I love Nina's exclamation! Did you tell her that was where Great-grandma Scorcia was from? (and she has been there-- when you were pregnant with her!)