about a dream: my girls, the naturalists

Saturday, September 17, 2011

my girls, the naturalists

no, this is not going to be a post about them getting naked, fortunately.

a few nights ago, nina and i were out on my spacious new deck before bed, watching the moon rise. it was really a beautiful night--warm, with the moon full and still orange, reflecting off the water, framing the trees in black. we could see a few stars and hear the wind rustling in the trees, and it was unusually warm for a september evening. i said to nina, "i like the sound of the wind in the trees." and she said, "yeah, watching the moon, listening to the wind and just... livin'"

then today, we were down at the used bookstore, and maggie sat down on their front steps. i asked her, "do you want to go play?" and she said, "no, i just want to sit her and watch the world flutter."

i'm not making this up! my kids are deep!

oh, but i lied, i do have a naked story. maggie was at her first dance class, and things went really, really well for the first 4/5. then maggie decided she was done and stripped out of her dance clothes, quick as lightning. one of the dads, waiting for class to be over, said, "i didn't know it was that kind of a dance class!" it was funny. i promptly changed her back in to her pjs, of course.

edit: oops, i didn't realize i'd already told the naked story. i kind of glossed over it on tuesday though, and didn't include the dad's funny observations. so i'll just leave it.


Oma said...

What "spacious new deck"??

des said...

when tim re-did the railings on our 2 balconies, the one off our bedroom ended up needing to be torn down and re-built. so we went bigger. it's nice! i'll post a pic, i never did, did i?

Oma said...

No, that was a complete surprise! Great idea! By all means, a pic!

Oma said...

Oh, and I love the girls' comments, by the way!