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Sunday, September 4, 2011


we went fishing today; me, nick, maggie, erik, isabelle, and chester. only isabelle and i really fished, though maggie did help me reel my empty hook in. we just went up to oven's mouth and then trawled around some, but we didn't catch anything. we did see a seal swimming around though, so that was a highlight. maggie really enjoyed herself, which was exciting. now all we need is for nina to get excited about the boat (unlikely. maybe next year though), and then we'll really be able to go places.

actually, nina is getting ever more nervous about water. she doesn't like to be on any kind of deck that is built over the water. she is hesitant to walk on the wharf, and tonight she didn't want to eat at lobsterman's in east boothbay. she did though, mostly because their deck is entirely made of sheets of plywood and not planks with spaces in between. she wasn't excited about it, but she went along with it. well, at least she's not afraid of tigers in the bathroom any more.

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Vanessa said...

Sorry Des, I don't think it's really fishing if you don't have any bait or lure on your hook!
You recall how I was afraid of our boat to an extent when I was Nina's age... At least Nina can swim already!