about a dream: we're still siiiiiiiiiiiiiick

Friday, September 23, 2011

we're still siiiiiiiiiiiiiick

we're getting better, slowly. nick is better, and so is nina. maggie is getting there, and i'm coming in last place, as usual. i've had some rough nights with maggie and could really, really use a good night's sleep tonight. but i'm glad that i've had the energy in the middle of the night to take care of maggie. nighttime sore throats are miserable for an adult, they must be so many times worse for 3 year olds. also, being sick makes me a more restless sleeper (harder to get comfortable, and my restless legs syndrome really flared up again last night. it hasn't bothered me in ages), and it sure does the same for maggie. i'm beginning to think she might have restless legs syndrome too. in time she'll tell us!

nina stayed home from school again today. she was mostly better, but had a cough in the morning and her nose was running constantly, and she really wanted to stay home. i figured that if she was going to spend half her time coughing and blowing her nose anyway, she might as well be home, but she had to agree to homeschool with me today. and she did, she did great! maggie didn't want to join us, so she spent her time painting her ponies, cleaning her ponies, painting on paper, and playing with her ponies. she really, really, really loves those ponies. nina did math, reading, and science with me. it was also really warm today so we got to be outdoors a lot. all in all, not to bad for a sick day.

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