about a dream: it was the first day of dance class

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it was the first day of dance class

for 2 little ballerinas today!

first up was maggie. she was so, so excited for class to start when we got there (before, at home, she said she didn't want to go. but her moods change).

initially, she said she wanted to wear her pajamas (of course). but, i packed a dance outfit (actually 2), just in case. then when she got to the dance studio, she really got excited. she wanted to change into the pink leotard and ballet skirt i'd brought, put on the pink ballet slippers, and danced around happily until the rest of the girls got there (among them, her good friend iris). she did a GREAT job in class, too! she listened so well! well, until the very end, when she was suddenly done, stripped out of her dance clothes, and wailed for her pajamas again. she didn't have a nap though, and nina had arrived for her dance class, and i think she was suddenly overwhelmed. we're going to do it again though, only there weren't enough kids to keep the tuesday class, so we'll have to move to wednesday morning. that'll work better though i think, she won't be so tired.

after that, it was nina's turn. there were 15 little ballerinas in that class! but they all did wonderfully, and nina's really excited to be dancing again.

well, there's maggie making some noise, so i'm off!

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