about a dream: we're all sick

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

we're all sick


and then to make matters worse, the power was out for about 5 hours due to an accident on route 27! fortunately it was really, really warm, and we spent most of the day outside. i was glad that nina could be home to enjoy it.

hopefully we'll all feel much better tomorrow, but i think nina will still be home. maggie got this little bug first and it took her a few days to feel better. even then, she still has a runny nose. but her fever is gone. the other symptom is a sore throat, but i don't think she ever mentioned that (note to vanessa: the first time nina ever described a sore throat, she said "my mouth hurts." i was initially confused and thought maybe she had a canker sore or something, but after i caught what she had and got a sore throat, i figured it out. so if you hear this from wyatt one day, now you'll know!)

i'll update tomorrow, hopefully to tell you that we're all on the road to recovery.


Vanessa said...

I'll keep that in mind. Wyatt has a runny nose, I'm not sure if it is something or related to teething- he has molars coming in.

Oma said...

Awww! I hope all of you get well soon!

des said...

i wrote this after the kids had gone to bed, and at midnight maggie woke me up and said, "my mouth hurts!" i think it's the first time maggie's ever said it, but i'm not sure.
it wasn't a good night, but i think we're all on the mend. i'll post later!