about a dream: nina's first week of first grade is done

Saturday, September 3, 2011

nina's first week of first grade is done

it was a good week! she's very happy with her teacher and classmates. i was a bit worried that she would be lonely on the bus ride, since her good friend charlie, who gets on one stop before her, is now going to private school. but quite the contrary, she told me she enjoys the bus ride more now without him, because she "can relax now." i guess it's more fun to sit quietly by herself and look out the window than it is to deal with a chatty 6 year old boy. who could have guessed!

maggie is not enjoying the days without nina so much. all day long yesterday she'd run from one room to another calling, "nina?!" she even declined to eat the cookies nan had baked for her until nina was home. such a cutie.

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