about a dream: to squirrel island, or not to squirrel island?

Monday, September 12, 2011

to squirrel island, or not to squirrel island?

yes, that is the question.

you see, nina's class has a field trip there, and of course one must take a boat to the island, so at first nina didn't want to go. we talked about it, and talked about it again after she was so brave at funtown. but on sunday she said she still didn't want to go. "what day is it?" she had asked me. "friday," i'd said. "oh, i can't go," she'd responded. "i'm busy on friday."

that kid is such a riot! she was planning to run a lemonade stand on friday by the way, in case you're wondering what keeps a 6 year old busy all day on a friday. (she also asked if we could move to town, so that she could do a lemonade stand in our front yard and still have people come by).

but then, today, she came home from school and said she did want to go. wonderful! so as long as we can file a new permission slip with the school, i think she's set. nick will even go with her (little sibs are not allowed to come)

also, the local whale watch boats both spotted a blue whale this weekend. a blue whale! they're rare wherever you are, but they're very rare off the coast of maine. we might try to catch a whale watch this week or weekend in hopes of seeing it. how cool would that be!

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