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Sunday, April 11, 2010

wow these kids are exhausting!

we went to ocean point today and stayed for close to 2 hours, digging in the little sand that is left after all those storms, throwing stones into the ocean, collecting shells, and climbing on the rocks. then a quick trip to shop n' save (i mean, hannaford!) and some more playing outside before dinner. the girls were up early again (maggie 6:30 or maybe earlier, i don't really look at the clock when it's early... just close my eyes and try to trick her into going back to sleep. never works), and nina up before 7. so, you'd think they'd be tired by 7:30, but noooooooo. it was almost 9 by the time both girls were out. what's up with that? if they're going to wake up before 7, they should go to bed early! and it's not like they weren't tired... maggie was a maniac in the bath, climbing in and out, screaming and splashing. she wouldn't even let me dry her off when she got out, just screamed and ran off dripping wet. 10 minutes later she was still running around, heading who knows where, slipped, hit her head on the toilet, started crying (totally naked still by the way), and THEN started peeing on me! insanity. i think they're getting thrown off by the early sunrise/late sunset.

good thing they're so cute!

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