about a dream: another crazy beautiful day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

another crazy beautiful day!

low 70s, slight breeze, sunny... perfect! we were outside most of the day and the girls were passed out by 8 pm.

yesterday we were out on the swingset after dinner because it was so mild, and i was pushing maggie on her little swing. she pointed up to the sky and said "there's outer space." nina had been saying that earlier, but still. she really gets it. she's really into space, planets, and astronauts. what kind of 1 year old is into anything but elmo? maggie, that's who! her other big fixation is animals, especially horses and dogs.

nina's still more into anatomy than space, but she likes space too. a few weeks ago she was looking through her anatomy book with nick and pointed out a picture of MRSA. nick told me about it afterwards. how the heck does she know about MRSA? i guess i read to her about, i just don't remember. she's reading, but not well enough to have read that book herself--it's written at a high school level.

of course, most of the time they're not doing these brilliant little things; they're either singing at the top of their lungs, screeching in octaves that i didn't know existed, or making one huge mess after another. or all three at once! oh plus jumping off the furniture and running around in circles like little maniacs. ah children!

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