about a dream: the peppers are sprouting! the peppers are sprouting!

Friday, April 9, 2010

the peppers are sprouting! the peppers are sprouting!

wow, i am so happy! so is nick, who's been sick of me agonizing over my little babies. just 2 so far, but i'm hopeful more will come up over the next few days. but even if they don't, that's ok! 2 pepper plants are better than none! woo hoo!!!

in other news, we had a movie night tonight at grandma and grandpa's and watch wall E. it was so cute! or, as maggie put it, "it was a great movie!" i love that she loves movies. nina had been looking forward to this all week. the parents' setup is perfect for movies, and they always have popcorn. who needs the theater! the girls wanted to be in their PJs for the movie too, so we brought them over so they could change after dinner. mom even found a pair of my old PJs at the house. comfy and fun!

now for a cute anecdote: nina's been talking a lot about her birthday lately. so we were doing some party planning in the car (current idea is a pool party at grandma and grandpa's), and she said "and we'll get a present for maggie too, so she has something to open." what a sweet and considerate little girl! she even said maggie could help her blow out her candles, which you know is HUGE for nina. she is obsessed with blowing out candles and has never, ever, ever wanted anyone to help her. she doesn't like that other people get to blow out their own candles! she's such a wonderful big sister.

and a maggie one: we were swimming at the Y yesterday, playing with a noodle (long, thin, spaghetti-like floaty that is hollow in the middle). the kids like to blow the water out of the tubes, it makes kind of like a water gun. or fountain. well anyway, maggie was playing with it while we were in the pool, standing next to the wall, but i wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing. so after a few minutes i look down and i see her trying to put one end of the noodle up against the pool's jets. she was trying to hold the other end of the noodle with her other hand. i watched her for a few seconds and realized that she was trying to hold the noodle against the jet to get the water to come out the other end of the noodle! brilliant! i held it up against the jet for her (she wasn't strong enough to do it, i had to hold it pretty firmly), and let her hold the other end with the water spraying out. she's so analytical!

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Leigh said...

I take 100% credit for the "other kid gets a present" rubric. SO ME. :)

<3 you all!