about a dream: 4 pepper sprouts

Saturday, April 10, 2010

4 pepper sprouts

and i re-potted my tomato seedlings too. i have... mmm... i think it's about 31 tomato seedlings. i don't feel like getting up to count, but it's something like that. so i made a guest list for maggie's party, and there are 14 kids we're inviting, so that'll take care of half the seedlings. i was planning on planting maybe 6 tomato plants and giving about 6 to mom, so that pretty much takes care of all of them. not as overwhelming as it seems, i just have to tend to the lot of them until maggie's party.

i think the spinach is sprouting too. quite a few little green things are sprouting, but at this point i have no idea what a weed looks like and what spinach looks like, so i'm trying to take care of all of it until i figure out the difference.

what else... today we took the girls to fort edgecomb, and it was nice, but SO windy! there had to be 40 mph winds coming off the ocean. nina could barely walk! it was impossible to stay, so we went to shaws. then we played outside. not really that big a day, but for some reason it was totally exhausting! maybe because maggie was up before 6 this morning.

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