about a dream: maggie was a real trip today!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

maggie was a real trip today!

painting on the windows, knocking stuff over, running off in the opposite direction, throwing herself on the floor in tantrums... i have a feeling the terrible 2s are just beginning.

today, after she threw a box of crayons and markers to the floor, nick told her to pick them up. "no," she responded sweetly and quietly. "i don't want to." nina heard her and laughed, and i heard her, but nick was across the room and didn't hear.

nina on the other hand was a total dear. i mean, she always is, but nina just being her regular self appeared totally angelic today next to maggie. the little margarete was tired though ("I'M TIRED," she wailed at dinner time, upset because nick wanted her to go to the bathroom). she's also FINALLY getting in the last of her teeth. three canines are through and the fourth is just under the gum. still no sign of her right lateral incisor though. like a pepper seedling, i am giving up on it. HA!

speaking of peppers, i have 11 sprouts! can you believe it? i never thought it was going to happen. i'm so happy!

oh, and today, we went by the mosses to see their eggs because they were hatching, and we got there and what was in the incubator but a newly hatched chick! 4 other eggs were in the process of hatching. it was so cool. they're fostering the eggs/chicks, not keeping them. they belong to that family on dover that sells eggs. they lent the eggs to the mosses so the children could witness the miracle of birth. so today i posted one of those cryptic facebook status updates that people do, and wrote something about the miracle of life. no one has asked what i am talking about though, can you believe it?

well i'll let you know if there are any more chicks in the morning. i'm sure there will be!

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