about a dream: and a garden update

Monday, April 5, 2010

and a garden update

how the tomato seeds got their start

and how the pepper seeds started. and remained.

the tomato seedlings are doing wonderfully. i have too many, so i gave a bunch to yvonne and renee. hopefully they'll get some tomatoes, i'll be following the situation in NY closely of course.

at home i have 35 little tomato seedlings. hm... more successful than i was expecting! i'll pass a bunch along to mom and dad, and anyone else who will take them. everyone loves tomato plants, right? maybe i'll give them out as party favors at maggie's birthday party. hmm, that's a good idea! i can do a farm-themed party, and give out tomato plants as favors! she LOVES LOVES LOVES farms and animals, so that'll be perfect. problem solved then!

still no word from the pepper seeds. i'm trying not to lose hope, but i am. when did i add the second pepper seeds? was it just a week ago? i guess that's not enough time to be losing hope. still, i'm not getting a good feeling.

on thursday, we started nastruim seeds indoors (those are edible flowers), and spinach seeds directly into the garden. i think i have one spinach seedling up already! gives me a good feeling about the spinach. i sowed a bunch too, so with any luck we'll have a whole bunch of spinach to eat soon!

then today, i got 10 strawberry plants form the greenhouse. they're just little bunches of roots with almost no stem (strawberry plants reproduce more by sprouting offshoots than by seeds, so you just buy these offshoots. they're called runners. i'm learnign so much). we put them in pots with soil and water, and they'll be big enough to transport into the berry patch in mid may probably. hopefully we'll get lots of strawberries!!

carrots are going into the garden tomorrow. i think the girls are having almost as much fun with this as i am. they're especially into the digging into the dirt and the watering part. pictures as soon as i get up the energy!

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