about a dream: a garden update

Monday, April 26, 2010

a garden update

the tomato seedlings are looking fantastic, and the pepper seedlings are finally getting their true leaves! oh miracle of miracles! i've been warming them up on top of the coffee maker in the morning and this seems to be helping them grow. because they're still not very big, maybe an inch tall, with seed leaves that are maybe just over an inch each. not very impressive! on the other hand, the orka are growing quickly. i have 3 orka seedlings now, one more unexpectedly sprouted this weekend. thrill of thrills!! they're looking good, just about to get their first true leaves too. also going on the windowsill are 2 hardy looking basil seedlings. that's a terrible germination rate, i think i planted 8 seeds. 2 more sprouted and then withered away. oh well, maybe this week i'll plant a bunch more. can't have too much basil! oh and one of my pumpkin seeds have sprouted, but i planted 7 so hopefully more are coming. the one that's through the soil is the one that was too close to the surface, so hopefully the others are sprouting below the soil and will pop up any minute now. aren't you just on the edge of your seat here?!

in the garden we have potatoes in the soil as i mentioned in the post below, peas of course (no sprouts yet) carrot sprouts (and more seeds sown today) true leaves on the spinach seedlings, and green beans that went into the ground today. it's not much to look at still, but things are a-growin'!

on the docket for later this week: transplanting the strawberries, starting to harden off the tomatoes (this is the process by which the seedlings gradually get used to being outside, so that they don't suffer from "transplant shock,") and sowing some turnips. also thinking of starting the watermelon and cantaloupe indoors this week, because i think they'll take too long to sprout outside. it's warm, but not THAT warm.

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Oma said...

Wow! That's going to be some garden!!!