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Friday, April 16, 2010

i am so proud of nina

today nina's friend nora's mom called, to make some plans to get together and to tell me about something that nora told her. nina and nora have dance class together on tuesdays, and apparently nora had a big fall at class this week. she told her mom that all of the girls laughed at her, except for nina, and nina told the other girls to stop laughing (and they did). this made nora very happy.
what a sweet girl i have! she and nora are such good friends, it makes me so happy. i'm such a lucky mom to have her!

in other news, maggie has a bit of a cold today and was extra cranky and clingy. i'm sure she'll be nursing half the night (unless i can remember to bring the tylenol upstairs before bed and give it to her the first time she wakes up.) i'm pretty sure she has a sore throat (i do), so i'm certain a midnight dose of tylenol will help her get through the second half of the night. i'd have given her some before bed, but she always sleeps so well for the first 4 hours, so i was thinking the tylenol would wear off before she woke up, so it'd kind of be a waste.

tomorrow is healthy kids day at the YMCA, should be some bounce houses there. the girls are so excited!

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Vanessa said...

That is so sweet, good girl Nina! And good job Des and Nick I would say for teaching her compassion.