about a dream: i swear this is not an april fool's joke

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i swear this is not an april fool's joke

i didn't mention this on the blog, but after watching last week's 'the marriage ref' (oma, it's a new show here where jerry seinfeld and 2 celebrity guests hear out a couple's ongoing argument and decide who's right. it's really funny), nick and i decided to try to get on. they gave away vacations to the couples who were on the show, that was our big inspiration. so, i emailed and told them about how we have this ongoing quabble about whether the girls and i can wear my homemade clothes outside of the house, and how nick doesn't like them because i make them out of old things from around the house, like his old t-shirts and old sheets.

well, we got a call last night from someone from the show! we're not definitely going to be on, but they want to talk to us more. so the next step is that nick and i are going to talk on the phone tonight at 6 with the woman from the show, and she wants to hear our argument. i figure i'll have to make nick wait for his dinner, because if he's hungry he'll be in a better frame of mind to bicker.

then, if we pass that round, the camera crews will come to our house and film us! but that still doesn't mean we'd be on the show--jerry seinfeld picks from the filmed people who's going to be on the show.

so, we'll see. it's a little silly, but we'd do it. it'd be fun! and besides for the vacation (second honeymoon the woman called it) there's a $1,500 stipend for being on the show. so it's kind of all for nothing if we aren't on the show, but worth it if we do. i'll keep you posted!


Vanessa said...

Hah! Fun. I hope you are not lying about it not being an April Fool's joke!

nick and des said...

i'm really not! bad day tho for wacky news like this. i will let you know how the phone conversation/interview goes!

Oma said...

Oh, that's hilarious! Keep us posted!