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Monday, April 26, 2010

it's been a looooong time!

that darn cold lingered all of last week, and i kept going to bed early (except for the one night 30 rock and the office were all new!)

so, we had a very big weekend! our friends from NY arrived for a visit on friday night, and erik, isabelle, chester, craig, and elizabeth arrived after the girls had gone to bed. so much fun!

we tried our best to give the mascia's a taste of maine. first planted potatos in the garden, then we took them to ocean point, to throw rocks into the ocean (a hit with the mascia girls) and play in the little bit of sand they have there. then it was home for a lobster bake (complete with my homemade baked beans! i had made some last year, but i think these were even better than those. i put bacon in these. mmmm!))

saturday was fisherman's festival! we got up early (the kids are getting up at about 6:30 these days) and saw the lobster boat races and crate running, and drew on the street with chalk (that's new from the last time i was at fisherman's festival). then after naps, we all went to the stables on dover rd and fed the horses. that was a hit with all 4 girls! after that, we held some chick's at the moss's house. also a hit! finally, we ended a day with a BBQ and smores on the firepit. what a maine kind of day!!

on sunday, we were all too pooped to get out, so the kids played in and around the house until the mascia's took off at around noon. we did take one walk down to the dock, but that was as adventurous as we got.

what a fabulous weekend!!!!!!

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