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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

had colds lately

so, early bed for this mommy and no posting. starting to feel better tho i think, hopefully the worst of it has passed. it started w/ maggie, a sore throat and runny nose (which for maggie means a ton of snot-i mean, mucous-draining for hours a day). then it went to me and nina. so far nick has seemed to fight it off successfully.

still, we weren't totally incapacitated. on saturday we went to healthy kids day at the Y where they had bounce houses. fun fun fun! maggie and nina did some non-stop bouncing!

well i've spent all morning trying to write this out, in between wiping snotty noses and trying to figure out what's going on with maggie's frequent crying. maybe we're not as mended as i was hoping. :-(

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Oma said...

Awww! Hope you all get well soon!