about a dream: a wonderful visit from the sullivan family

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a wonderful visit from the sullivan family

on thursday, my old college roommate mercedes came to visit with her husband ryan and their son liam. we had so much fun! liam is only 8 months old and such a cutie. nina loves babies, so she was so excited to have him around. maggie also had a fun time being a big kid to liam. she watched nina play peekaboo with him and tried to do it too (she covered her ears first instead of her eyes, it was so cute. then she looked over at nina and moved her hands to her eyes. adorable!)

we spent thursday around the house because maggie and liam's nap schedules weren't in sync. but on friday we took them to grimes cove and into town for a quick tour of the harbor. we tried to sell them on moving to maine, but it's too cold and dark for mercedes. :-(

nina kept calling liam william, which i thought was funny because liam is in fact the irish form of william. i think. or is it scottish? well, one of those. she also missed him when they were gone. she said, "i miss liam, he's my best buddy." awww.

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