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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


sunday was a slow, rainy kind of day (seems like all the sundays this month have been rainy). we did church, sunday school (remember i'm nina's teacher.) she LOVES it. she keeps asking for sunday school to be longer! she's not so much into church though, she's always complaining about the "boring stories." ha, it's true though, they can be pretty boring! she's good though, she does activities in her book and maggie babbles an yells "more!" whenever the singing stops. oh, nina's favorite part of mass is the petitions part (where they say "for all the clergy and whatever, blah blah blah, we pray to the lord), and nina says "LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER." everyone around us tries not to giggle, but her enthusiasm is so cute.

following that, i gave nick a stellar haircut. there was enough hair on the floor to build a small rodent, which we then released into the wild. not really.

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