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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


on monday, the girls and i went with mom to visit grandma in brunswick. my driver's license expires on my birthday so i need to get a maine one. actually, technically i guess they want you getting one within 30 days of moving to the state, but i didn't realize that, and then when the girl told me it had already been more than that, and we've been so busy... you know how it is.

well, long story short nick said he'd check the website for me and see what kind of ID i needed, but he failed to read all of the words on the website and so i didn't have my passport with me, and i couldn't get a license. wow, i was so happy with him.

then we went to target and got mittens for the girls, since it's getting cold.

finally, it was off to mcdonalds (monopoly!), where they have the playplace that the girls love so much. i got a large coffee (2 game pieces), a large fries (2 game pieces, the smaller sizes do NOT have game pieces), chicken nuggets for the girls, and a small burger for me. i didn't bother with the happy meal since i didn't need the extra fries or anything else that comes with it, since we were sharing the large fries, which i needed to get becasue of the game pieces. NICK, there is a point to all of this! stop criticizing me as i write!

the point is, nina asked for the toy that comes with her happy meal. i said, oh i'm sorry, i didn't get you a happy meal (i didn't explain about monopoly). she said "i didn't get a happy meal, i got a sad meal." aww, poor nina!

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